Welcome To Frobisher Boarding Academy

of Liverpool!

Be welcomed into our House of Anubis Roleplay, "Frobisher Academy" where you will explore the House of Anubis universe and create characters who go into the different houses such as Anubis, Isis, Hathor and Mutt.

Apply to the Roleplay, join the Academy!


The Frobisher Academy Universe Locations

Anubis House8

The Frobisher Boarding Academy Houses


Frobisher Academy Upcoming Events


Events Edit

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F-A-RP Wiki's Intern Staff


Staff MembersEdit

  1. LlamaSpearsTimberlake Administrator / Founder.
  2. LittleIrish* Administrator / Designer.
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News, Newest Advances, Advertisements

& Important Messages

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News FeedEdit

  1. Roleplay Applications Will Be Open Soon!
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Have Doubts? Need Help? Contact The

F-A RP Wiki Staff!


You need help? You can contact our Wiki Staff, Consisting on LlamaSpearsTimberlake & LittleIrish* and We will try and help you as fast as we can.

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